Shawnigan Lake School Model UN Secretariat

Halle C.
Secretary General

Halle is a grade 12 student at Shawnigan Lake School from Seattle, Washington. This will be Halle’s fifth year involved with model United Nations, having attended eleven conferences in that time. Over the years, Halle has developed a true passion for model United Nations and the values it represents. Halle’s first experience with model United Nations was as a page at ShawMUN her grade eight year, so she is eager to add to the ShawMUN legacy by overseeing the move from Shawnigan Lake School to the Victoria Conference Centre. This will be her second time serving as Secretary General for a conference, and she is so excited to be a part of ShawMUN 2018!

ShawMUN Victoria Secretary General

ShawMUN Victoria Director General


Owen is a senior currently attending Shawnigan Lake School and is excited to serve as the Director General for ShawMUN Victoria 2018. He has been a part of Shawnigan Model United Nations since grade 9, thanks to his love for international affairs and politics. He is Initially from Toronto Ontario, but now spends nearly his whole year in the beautiful British Columbia. After a plethora of conferences as a delegate and staff, he has found a real passion for Model UN. When not taking part in ShawMUN he can be seen on the rugby field for the Shawnigan Senior VX team. Owen is honoured to be part of such a monumental step for ShawMUN and is excited to share the moment with everyone attending and sincerely hopes that ShawMUN 2018 will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Bonita C.
co-usg OF committeeS

Originally from Taiwan, Bonita is currently a grade 11 student attending Shawnigan Lake School. Ever since her first MUN conference in grade 9, Bonita has been enthralled by the power of the podium and personal growth she witnessed on herself and her peers. In her free time, Bonita can be found curling up with a good book, discovering new restaurants or binge-watching her favorite TV show of all time - Stranger Things. This is Bonita's third ShawMUN and she looks forward to making it the best one yet as co-USG Committee! 

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Committees

ShawMUN USG of Committees


Muskaan is currently a grade 12 at Shawnigan Lake School. She was born in India and brought up in Ethiopia. She has decided to join ShawMUN 2018 because it gives her experience for future conferences as she hopes to pursue business in the future. For this conference, she will serve as your USG of Committees along with Bonita Chang. She will be editing background guides to ensure that each and every delegate is fully prepared for their committee in April. Muskaan is excited to meet all of you at ShawMUN Victoria!

isaac L.
Ambassador to the Legislature

Isaac is a grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake School, and it is his great pleasure to serve as Ambassador to the Legislature, for ShawMUN 2018. This is his 4th ShawMUN, and he is delighted to be a part of it in such a great way. Since attending his first conference at VYMUN 4 years ago, he has grown to love the atmosphere and intensity of MUN. Over the past 3 years of MUN, Isaac has learned better speaking skills and diplomacy. He hopes to use these to become a Lawyer one day in the future. When Isaac is not practicing MUN he is usually found playing sports or being a referee for hockey. Isaac is looking forward to this conference and he is excited to enjoy the atmosphere the people will bring.

ShawMUN Victoria Chief of Staff

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Finance


A senior at Shawnigan Lake School, Ben is our USG of Finance for this year's conference. He has been going to model UN conferences since Grade 10 when he started with UVic MUN. He also has been to VMUN, ShawMUN twice, most recently winning an outstanding delegate award at our very own ShawMUN North! Ben has had a passion for finance since he has been little and his financial experience includes helping run the school investment club in grade 10, and taking the Canadian Securities Course. He hopes to see you all at this conference and that you share his excitement to make this the best possible conference!


A senior at Shawnigan Lake School, Lea has been an active participant in the world of MUN for the past two years and have since developed a love for international relations and debate. Her greatest memories from conferences are the never-ending midnight crisis and partaking in heated debate. Outside of MUN, Lea can be found playing tennis, munching on some chocolate while watching throwback Disney shows and studying for Chemistry. Lea is looking forward for a memorable weekend filled with enriched debates and new friendship. She is delighted to serve as your USG of Registration at ShawMUN South 2018 and hopes to see you all there!

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Registration

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Conference Services


Alex is a Grade 12 student from Shawnigan Lake School. Originally from Ottawa, Alex decided to head out west for rowing and to have the boarding school experience. Since grade 10, when Alex first join Model UN, he has attended conferences such as VMUN and UVic MUN in addition to smaller events run by the school. He claims that Model UN has helped him become a more confident public speaker and has made him more knowledgeable in international affairs and current events. As USG of Conference Services, it is Alex’s job to order and design all materials for the conference. He hopes you have an amazing and memorable weekend with us here in Victoria.

Damir K.

Damir is our USG of Delegate Affairs and our first Russian participant. His MUN journey hasn't been long, however he has always been passionate about politics and having fun. Damir has experience in organizing and visiting big events, and for that reason he is very excited to manage the delegate social this year.

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Delegate Affairs

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Technology

Taylor N.
USG of Technology

Taylor is a grade 11 student from Shawnigan Lake School and has found her passion for MUN in recent years. Her most recent conference, ShawMUN North, was a huge success and she is excited for the upcoming spring conference. Taylor is mostly found in the hockey arena or on the ice, when not in the conference room. Taylor is extremely excited for the new expansion and cannot wait to meet all of you.  


Skye is a grade 12 student attending Shawnigan Lake School. She has been participating in model United Nations for two years and is excited to spend her last year involved in this conference. At first, the thought of partaking in Model UN terrified her, and if you told her that she would be a part of the secretariat she would have been shocked. She has been a delegate in the past two Shawmun conferences, as well as participating in a few other conferences within the school. Model UN, in general, has made her a more confident person, allowing her to take new risks, and overcome many fears of public speaking. She is excited to serve as the Ambassador to Shawnigan for the ShawMUN Victoria 2018 conference! She hopes you all share her excitement as this conference is approaching.

ShawMUN Victoria Ambassador to Shawnigan

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Services

Nolan Y.

Nolan lives in Campbell River and has been attending Shawnigan Lake School for four years. He has been involved in Model UN since grade 9 and now in grade 12 he is looking forward to working on the Secretariat to ensure a positive experience at this year's Shawnigan Model United Nations. He plays rugby both at school and abroad. Finally he looks forward to provide a memorable Model United Nations experience this upcoming April!