Shawnigan Lake School Model UN Secretariat

Secretary General

Kerry is delighted to welcome you to ShawMUN 2019! As a grade 12 student at Shawnigan, Kerry has been participating in the world of Model United Nations for the past three years. After a plethora of conferences as a delegate and staff, Kerry has since developed a true passion for Model United Nations and the values it embodies. Her best memories from past conferences are the never-ending midnight crises, and participating in heated debate. Outside of Model UN, Kerry can be found skiing, hanging out with her friends, and studying for Calculus. Whether is it your first or last conference, she hopes you have a weekend filled with newfound friendships and rich debate. She is honoured to serve as the Secretary General for ShawMUN Victoria 2019, and can’t wait to meet you in April!

ShawMUN Victoria Secretary General

ShawMUN Victoria Director General


Isaac is a grade 12 student at Shawnigan Lake School, and it is his great pleasure to serve as Director General, for ShawMUN 2019. This is his 5th ShawMUN, and he is delighted to be a part of it in such a great way. Since attending his first conference at VYMUN 5 years ago, he has grown to love the atmosphere and intensity of MUN. Over the past 5 years of MUN, Isaac has learned better speaking skills and diplomacy. He hopes to use these to become a lawyer one day in the future. When Isaac is not practicing MUN he is usually found playing sports or being a referee for hockey. Isaac is looking forward to this conference and he is excited to enjoy the atmosphere the people will bring.

usg OF committeeS

Jojo is currently attending Shawnigan as a grade 12 student. His most prominent interest primarily focuses on ice hockey, where he is currently the active captain for the Midget Prep Ice Hockey team at Shawnigan. He aspires to attend a NCAA Division I school in the US while playing hockey. Like all athletes, Jojo dreams of one day playing pro hockey in the NHL or somewhere in Europe alongside his younger brother. Within school, Jojo enjoys sciences, specifically physics, chemistry, and mathematics which he hopes will lead him down a path towards becoming an astrophysicist or chemical engineer. Aside from his burning passions, Jojo also enjoys being a part of the woodwork program at Shawnigan. As USG of Committees, Jojo is excited to welcome you to ShawMUN 2019.

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Committees

ShawMUN USG of Media


Melissa is a 12th Grade senior in Shawnigan Lake School. As part of her third and final year participating in MUN, she is extremely excited to meet and be working with you during the entirety of ShawMUN Victoria. This is her second ShawMUN conference and her 8th conference overall. Outside of preparing for and working in conferences, she is a big fan of the arts, music, theatre, and everything related to creativity. Her hobbies include painting, writing, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. She hopes you enjoy the conference and wishes for some fruitful debate in committee sessions!

USG of Technology

As a grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake School, Imran has had the opportunity to be a part of over ten Model United Nations conferences. It will be a new experience and challenge taking on the role of USG Technology as a member of the ShawMUN Victoria Secretariat Team. When Imran isn't in committee sparking insightful debate or wielding the gavel as a director you can find him out on the rugby pitch, on the ice, or playing guitar. Imran looks forward to being a part of another conference and hopes that all delegates at ShawMUN Victoria have a phenomenal time with their debate, and wishes them all the best.

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Technology

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Finance


From the rugby pitch to the rigorous committee debate, Aaryan is fully immersed in the community. He is thrilled to welcome delegates and faculty advisors to ShawMUN 2019. With his vast experience in the MUN circuit, Aaryan is constantly aiding delegates with any help that is needed. Serving his third year on the secretariat as the USG of Finance, he is determined to make his final MUN his best one yet. Aaryan wishes all delegates the best of luck!

alli m.

Alli is a grade 12 student currently attending Shawnigan Lake School. ShawMUN 2019 will be Alli’s 6th Model UN Conference. Alli enjoys staying active in her free time and can be found rowing or dancing. You may also find her wandering with a camera; photography is one of her passions. She hopes that you seize the opportunities that will unfold in committee sessions, attend the delegate social, and take advantage of the opportunities to meet new people. Alli is eager to welcome you to ShawMUN 2019!

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Delegate Affairs

ShawMUN Victoria USG of Logistics


Ethan is a grade 12 student at Shawnigan Lake School. He thoroughly enjoys running, rowing, and skiing. When not participating in sports, Ethan can be found binge-watching movies - his favourite are superhero movies. His greatest achievement in Model UN was winning the Lester B. Pearson award at SSUNS in Montreal. Ethan only discovered the world of Model UN a little while ago; he is willing and eager to learn. At ShawMUN, he looks forward to interacting with the delegates, and he is excited to meet you all!