This is your 2017 Shawnigan Model United Nations North Secretariat. We will be working hard to make your experience as enjoyable as possible! Don't forget to register!



Halle Campbell

Secretary General

Halle Campbell is a grade 12 student at Shawnigan Lake School from Seattle, Washington. This will be Halle’s fifth year involved with model United Nations, having attended nine conferences in that time. Over the year’s Halle has developed a true passion for model United Nations and the This will be her first time serving as Secretary General for any conference, and she is so excited to be apart of the inaugural year of ShawMUN North!


Bonita chang

Director General

Bonita is a grade 11 student studying at Shawnigan Lake School. Ever since her first conference in grade 9, she fell in love with the intensity and professionalism of MUN. Bonita is honoured to be serving as the Director General this year and looks forward to a memorable conference. 

isaac la roy

Chief of Staff 

Isaac is a grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake School, and it is his great pleasure to serve as Chief of Staff for ShawMUN 2017. This is his 4th ShawMUN and his second on the Secretariat. Since attending his first conference at VYMUN 4 years ago he has grown to love the atmosphere and intensity of MUN. He has been to over 10 conferences and is pondering a legal career down the road. When Isaac is not practicing MUN, he is usually found playing sports or being a referee for hockey. Isaac is looking forward to his 4th ShawMUN and he is looking forward to meeting the delegates.



kerry walker  

USG of Registration


Kerry is a Grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake School. This is her second year doing MUN and she is very excited to be a part of the conference this year. Apart from MUN, she also enjoys spending time with family and friends. She thoroughly enjoy rowing and playing volleyball. Kerry hopes that she can make this conference an enjoyable experience for delegates and looks forward to serving you in ShawMUN North! 

Stephanie mak

USG of Logistics

Stephanie, originally from Hong Kong, is a grade 11 student studying at Shawnigan Lake School. She loves helping others and trying out new things. Although she is new to Model UN, she is really excited for ShawMUN North. Stephanie hopes to meet more people and improve her public speaking skills during her new experience in MUN. Her role in this conference is the USG for logistics. 




USG of Committees

Highly motivated and full of energy, Abby Lu is a Grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake School. She arrived at Shawnigan Lake in the Fall of 2016 as Grade 10 but has been doing Model United Nations for four years. Ever since her first conference in Grade 8, Abby has loved the passion that Model UN brings out of her and her fellow colleagues when discussing world issues. This will be her 4th           ShawMUN and she is very excited to now be working on the Secretariat team. She has the great pleasure of being this year's USG of Committees. 

Aaryan kochhar

USG of Finance


Aaryan Kochhar is a grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake School and looks forward to welcoming you to ShawMUN North 2017. This will be his 8th conference and plans to make it the best one yet. If he is not in a committee, Aaryan is often found on the basketball court, in the gym or on occasion, the rugby pitch. His ambitions include a career in business.  


Meghan christensen-macdonald

USG of Media

Meghan Christensen-MacDonald is in grade 11 at Shawnigan Lake School, and she has been a student there since her grade eight year. She has the great pleasure of being the USG of Media. This will be her fourth year attending ShawMUN, and has also attended many other conferences. She is excited to participate in this new conference.

Taylor Northcott

USG of Technology

Full of crazy energy and highly motivated, Taylor Northcott is a grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake school. Taylor is highly intrigued by world issues and debates. When she is not in the conference room, Taylor can most definitely be found on the ice, playing the sport she loves, hockey. Taylor is extremely excited for what ShawMUN North has in store and can't wait to you all!